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Product supply
Enterprise introduction

    Dalian SONGLONE Pump Group Co., Ltd. is the anti-corrosive pump manufacturers specializing in producing anti-corrosive pump and industrial pump in China. We are the national high-tech enterprise. Among the fine pump companies, we rank the 15th. We are the member of the Dalian Quality Association. For more than 20 years, we have fruitful experience and techniques in researching, designing and manufacturing anti-corrosive pump and industrial pump. Now our main products have reached the leading level both in domestic and international market. Our company covers 60,000 square meters; the total building area is 51000 square meters having more than 470 employees, 230 professional and technical personnel. The annual output of the company is 5500 pumps with 480 million RMB annual production value, 330 million RMB total assets and more than 190 various sets of professional production equipment, including CNC machine, large boring machine, vertical lathe, large precision machine tool, casting and precision casting equipment. We own all-round production, detection means, dynamic balancing machine and two testing stations. Especially, the large microcomputer testing station can test large pump with 55000m3/h. We have complete quality assurance system and have already passed the test of the ISO9001 international quality system and have certificate ISO14001 of international environmental management system.
    The accuracy of the actual operation efficiency of the pump depends on mould. Our company adopts CNC machine tool to process the mould and the casting adopts precision casting which ensures the accuracy of the pump performance. Mechanical seal is the core part of the pump. We founded mechanical seal branch company integrating research, development and manufacturing. We buy manufacturing and detection equipment, and attract many experts and professional personnel in this area.
Strong Technical Power
Product demonstration
SM Double Suction Pump
SSM Double Suction Pump
CH Standard Chemical Pump
SCH Standard Chemical Pump
SZA Petrochemical Process Pump
SSZA Petrochemical Process Pump
SZE  Petrochemical Process Pump
SSZE Petrochemical Process Pump
The IH Standard Chemical Pump and IS, ISR Centrifugal Pump
The SIH Standard Chemical Pump and SIS, SISR Centrifugal Pump
CHZ self-priming pump IHZ self-priming pump
SCHZ self-priming pump
SIHZ self-priming pump
TZ  Synchronization self-priming pump
STZ Synchronization self-priming pump
LZ Vertical No-sealing Self-priming Pump
SLZ Vertical No-sealing Self-priming Pump
LY, DW Long Shaft Sewage Submerged Pump
SLY, SDW Long Shaft Sewage Submerged Pump
YW Long Shaft Double Suction Submerged Pump
SYW Long Shaft Double Suction Submerged Pump
SNB Condensation Pump
SSNB Condensation Pump
LP(T )Type Pump
SLP(T )Type Pump
TDMC Vertical Multistage  Pendency Pump
STDMC Vertical Multistage Pendency Pump
DL Low Temperature Pump
SDL Low Temperature Pump
LW  Vertical Axial Flow Pump and  LP Vertical Mixed-Flow Pump
SLW Vertical Axial Flow Pump and SLP Vertical Mixed-Flow Pump
HS Type Frequency Constant Pressure Water Supply System
SHS Type Frequency Constant Pressure Water Supply System
QH Submersible Pump
SQH Submersible Pump
ZH,ZS,ZR,ZY Monoblock Pump
SZH,SZS,SZR,SZY Monoblock Pump
FL Low Flow Pump
SFL Low Flow Pump
MC Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump
SMC Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump
ZG Chemical Process Pump
SZG Chemical Process Pump
SE. SED Pulp and Starch Pump
SSE. SSED Pulp and Starch Pump
SSP Mixed-Flow Pump
SSSP Mixed-Flow Pump
HZW Axial Flow Pump
SHZW Axial Flow Pump
ST Desulphurization Pump
SST Desulphurization Pump
ZB Slurry Pump
SZB Slurry Pump
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